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5 Women at the Forefront of Crypto

May 9, 2021
5 Women at the Forefront of Crypto
In honor of mother's day, let's take a look at some of the women making waves in the cryptosphere.

Hester Peirce

Hester Peirce is a lawyer by trade but has been dubbed "crypto mom" by the digital asset community for her work and statements as a commissioner of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Currently serving her second term, she recently stated:

"The disproportionate focus on illicit uses and the underestimation of the protective uses of crypto is one example of how evidence-based rulemaking is not yet the norm in crypto-regulation... We can do better, and I hope that this year will mark a turning point for the United States, which in turn may spur other countries similarly to take a more sensible approach to crypto regulation."

Ria Bhutoria

Ria Bhutoria served as the Fidelity Digital Assets research director for almost two years before leaving the bank for Castle Island Ventures to serve as the Principal. A young power force, Bhutoria graduated in 2015 from NYU Stern and has since published several reports making a case for crypto, such as "Bitcoin Investment Thesis: Bitcoin's Role as an Alternative Investment." Popular on Twitter, she consistently shares her passion for the currency through statements like:

"I have never regretted buying more Bitcoin and I have always regretted not buying more Bitcoin."

Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lightning Labs, a company dedicated to building open-source, secure, and scalable Lightning systems. A former teacher at both Stanford and Yale Universities, she is considered a leader in the global free culture movement. One of her most famous quotes is from 2020 at the Kraken Block Drop VR Halving Party:

“Welcome to Bitcoin, you can’t tell people what to do."

Sheila Warren

Sheila Warren is the head of blockchain and data policy at the World Economic Forum. In her Predictions for 2021, she writes:

"Even as we have been wrestling with the consequences of the greatest social and economic disruption of our lifetimes, the pace of work across the blockchain ecosystem has been accelerating. The great news is that awareness of the potential of decentralized systems now lives beyond the minds of a tiny minority and is slowly gaining awareness among a larger audience."

She also co-hosts a podcast on CoinTelegraph called Money Reimagined, where she discusses her views on blockchain technology, digital assets, and decentralization. Warren considers herself a Bitcoin Maximalist.

Meltem Demirors

Meltem Demirors is the Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, a digital asset manager, as well as the founder of her own crypto fund, Athena Capital. Her work as co-chair of the WEF's Cryptocurrency Council, member of the Steering Committee of the WEF's Global Governance Council, and founding member of the WEF's Blockchain Council, has earned her the title as one of the most influential women in crypto.

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