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May 16, 2021
On Monday, Tom Brady hinted at owning Bitcoin by changing his Twitter profile picture to one of himself with laser eyes, a viral trend across crypto Twitter.

A report from Bloomberg states that UBS AG, 

"is in the early stages of planning to offer wealthy customers digital currency investments."

On Tuesday,

Ethereum balances on exchanges dropped to their lowest levels since June 2019. 

Nebraska may allow banks to offer crypto services to clients from now on, after a bill introduced in January by Mike Flood passed the first of three voting rounds in the legislature. 

Elon Musk tweeted a poll asking whether or not Tesla should accept Doge for cars. 

On Wednesday,

A survey conducted by  NYDIG revealed that 46 million American citizens own Bitcoin, roughly 22% of the country's population. 

Payments Service MoneyGram announced it will soon allow US-based customers to purchase Bitcoin through their services. 

On Thursday, 

JP Morgan Chase, Bank ABC, and the government of Bahrain will be working on a digital currency settlement pilot. The Central Bank of Bahrain's governor Rasheed Al-Maraj stated: 

“Through this pilot with JPMorgan and Bank ABC, we aspire to address the inefficiencies and pain-points which exist today in the traditional cross-border payments arena." 

The SEC launched an investigation into global crypto exchange Binance.

On Friday, 

Digivault, Diginex's crypto custody division and EQUOS's sister company and preferred asset custodian, became the first stand-alone custodian to receive approval from the UK's FCA. CEO Robert Cooper said: 

"The FCA AML approval is huge news not only for Digivault but also the sector as a whole because it means businesses are now moving from the temporary register to the full approval. This sets a precedent that the regulators support for this new asset class is indeed there, and is an enabler to drive more institutional flow."
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June 13, 2021

On Monday, a US government taskforce recovered $2.3 million in crypto from the Colonial Pipeline attack last month.

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On Monday, UK Minister John Glen stated that not enough crypto firms are meeting the proper AML/KYC standards imposed last year. So far, only 5 have been granted appropriate licensing—one of which is our preferred custodian and sister company, Digivault.