Treasury Management International Webinar "Crypto Assets: The Questions Every Treasurer Should be Asking"

April 26, 2021
Are crypto assets really a viable treasury investment? What are the regulatory risks? How does the custody of crypto assets work? Diginex CEO Richard Byworth answered this and more alongside other industry leaders in TMI's Webinar "The Questions Every Treasurer Should be Asking." Watch Richard's highlights below.

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After speaking about the general appeal of crypto assets, Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex, continued to answer why a treasurer might want to invest in cryptocurrencies. 

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After explaining Bitcoin's appeal as a store of value, he addressed secure crypto asset custody. 

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As audience questions began coming in, Richard spoke to concerns about environmental risk factors around Bitcoin mining. 

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As EQUOS CEO, Richard was uniquely qualified to answer questions about the safety and traceability of cryptocurrencies, given our stringent AML controls.  

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The event concluded with personal recommendations and viewpoints around cryptocurrencies as a treasury investment and the different approaches to adding crypto on a corporate balance sheet.

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To hear the full podcast featuring Richard Byworth, Dr. Carsten Sørensen, Henri Arslanian, and François Masquelier, visit the link below. 

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