Daily Bitcoin and Crypto Analysis

Daily BTC Analysis

December 7, 2020

This weekend’s trading session saw Bitcoin head back above $19,000, with muted trading volumes. Today, we have made little headway as the market takes a breath before its next advance to break the $20,000 barrier.

Daily BTC Analysis

December 4, 2020

While traditional markets are digesting the Pfizer supply chain news (slowed and potentially affecting the time and quantities of the vaccine distribution), crypto shows some independence.

Daily BTC Analysis

December 1, 2020

Today, everybody in the crypto space is thinking: we’ve broken all-time highs.

Daily BTC Analysis

November 30, 2020

Last week, traditional markets ended on a risk-on note. Equities and treasuries up, dollar and gold down. Crypto may have benefited from the tilt -or simply the dollar depreciation- over the weekend. I like to think bigger factors came in play, though.

Daily BTC Analysis

November 27, 2020

Whether it’s because of Thanksgiving or just the inability to push through higher levels, traditional markets have been trading mostly muted. Comparatively, crypto markets seem to now be on investors' radar and experience much more activity. After a two-month-long rally and probably a lot of complacency, the bout of volatility yesterday shook many, triggering massive liquidations. Any opportunistic buyer would’ve been happy to pick up some coins.