Daily Bitcoin and Crypto Analysis

Daily BTC Analysis

January 11, 2021

Today is what you might call a bad news day. Bitcoin's march higher has been brought to an abrupt end, with prices down 16%. This time last week, Bitcoin was trading $28,000. It's amazing how short-term memories are clouded by a decreasing profit and loss statement! Bitcoin's failure to push higher over the weekend has seen profit taking cascade into auto-liquidations of leveraged longs to the tune of $2.7B.

Daily BTC Analysis: The Weekender

January 10, 2021

Welcome to the Weekender! Every week, we review the top news stories from the digital asset world, as chosen by our readers' clicks. This week, it’s a one-two for Diginex, with our CEO Richard Byworth’s interview with Cointelegraph taking top spot.

Daily BTC Analysis

January 8, 2021

Another day, another new all-time high. When prices break into new discovery phases, it's best not to try and work out where it might stop. But, we are human, and we like to ponder these things. Given we only have the 'big numbers,' (40,000, 50,000 etc.) to offer us markers, it's worth considering if the total market cap of Bitcoin is going to act as break on price appreciation.

Daily BTC Analysis

January 7, 2021

The total market cap of all digital assets crossed the $1T mark today. Bitcoin printed a new all-time high and the fundamentals supporting this rally gained in strength once more. Open interest of Futures contracts hit the $11B level - a new all-time high.

Daily BTC Analysis

January 6, 2021

Another day, another ATH - it's become such a regular occurrence, I am considering hard-coding the 'A' on my keyboard to return 'all-time high.'

Daily BTC Analysis

January 5, 2021

10 trillion dollars. No, that's not the upcoming year's stimulus package, it's the total value of transactions completed on the Bitcoin blockchain since its inception. It's also proof (excuse the pun), that this new technology works and, in a watershed moment, has led the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which regulates US banks, to decree that banks can now start using blockchain technologies to perform what blockchains do best: moving money quickly and efficiently. RIP Swift, 3 days transfer times, and $15 bank fees...

Daily BTC Analysis

January 4, 2021

Bitcoin has started 2021 with a stark reminder that volatility is the norm, and the relentless rally of the last month can quickly be eroded. Today, as the market broke through key support, auto-liquidations kicked in and swept aside $31,000, $30,000, $29,000, and $28,000 in a matter of minutes.


December 31, 2020

As Bitcoin hits another all-time high, you may be surprised to know there is very little to report today. Having scoured the on-chain metrics, miner flows, exchange balances, and wallet balances, I can only say that everything appears to be ticking along nicely.

Daily BTC Analysis

December 30, 2020

Matt Blom, Head of Sales Trading

Let us cast our minds back to December 2017, when the CME's introduction of Bitcoin futures was in part blamed for the proceeding sell-off from the previous all-time high. A couple of weeks ago we asked: What will the price of Bitcoin be on the day the CME registers the largest Bitcoin futures open interest globally? Today, we have that answer: $27,000.


December 29, 2020

Written by: Justin d'Anethan, Sales Manager

As we know with Christmas, all good things must come to an end. So where does this rally leave us? Happy, but probably a little bit overweight?

Daily BTC Analysis

December 27, 2020

Welcome to your Christmas edition of the Weekender: your weekly recap of the top news stories across the digital asset space, and what a week it has been! It’s certainly a very merry Christmas for the Bitcoin hodlers as prices advanced to a new all-time high of $27,922 over the holiday trading session.

Daily BTC Analysis

December 23, 2020

Today Bitcoin answered two questions: 1. When sellers try to push the market lower, the bulls step in and crush them. 2. When buyers try to take the market through $24,000, a wall of sellers awaits.